The company was founded in Bremen, Germany, in 1987. In 1988 the new plant was started in the industrial zone of Ganderkesee, about 20 km west of Bremen. The company focuses on development, engineering, manufacturing and assembly of manufacturing tools for rotor blades and logistics components.

The product range also includes machinery and equipment for numerous other branches of industry. Since 1996 HAWART is certified as a specialist welding company. Flexibility, know-how and focus on quality are the strong points of the company. HAWART develops customer-specific solutions as well as new concepts for customers worldwide.


Supreme quality and sustainability are the themes for the products and services of HAWART Sondermaschinenbau GmbH. This applies particularly given our great importance to the success of our clients’ businesses. Central to our aspirations is the complete satisfaction of our clients, and we work with them reliably, competently, and co-operatively. The basis for this close co-operation are our strong and longstanding relationships with our suppliers. Through the continuous development of our products and services we meet our clients’ growing expectations of technological innovation and increasing efficiency, so that they can remain competitive. We continually aim to improve all our company’s activities and processes, in order to increase our efficiency in the interest of our clients. We achieve this through clear business processes and standardised, practical documentation of their implementation.
Within the framework of our quality policy, we set ourselves concrete and measurable goals. On agreed milestone dates we compare our results with the specifications to assess them and, if necessary, cause adjustments to be made. We use errors as a learning opportunity to ensure we avoid them in the future. Our management’s main concern is quality control and the safety of our colleagues. The HAWART management team are committed to representing these values and to supporting their teams in this respect. The professionalism of our company is reflected in our qualified workforce and continuous professional development. HAWART relies on stability and strong social competency; our internal as well as external co-operation is fair and ethical.

Our Business

HAWART mainly serves the global Wind turbine OEM´s with specialty machines for the production of rotor blades, transport systems and lifting tools to install the blades to the turbines. Moreover, HAWART designs and produces steel constructions for public transport sector.

Purpose of HAWART

For 30 years HAWART passionately supports its globally operating renewable wind energy customers with its rich know-how to help decarbonizing the ever growing electric power demand and thus to assure a more sustainable future for us and our children.

We employ experts and attract talent which is passionate for that important vision and finds its purpose to work for these good reasons.

Mission of HAWART

We invent, design, produce and service best in class specialty machines and equipment to support our global customers to produce, transport, install and service wind turbines in high, repetitive quality at attractive total cost of ownership.

Our Strategy

HAWART’s business focus lies is the global Wind Energy market and within that in the blade and other wind turbine components production, transport, installation and service market which we serve with highest quality specialty machines and equipment. In this niche, HAWART targets to grow its presence to be a partner of strategic relevance and size for our customers.

We invent, design and produce mainly in Germany. For bigger volume or repetitive orders HAWART cooperates with lower cost production partners to offer our customers an attractive total cost of ownership at no compromise in quality and service.

HAWART employs and trains a highly skilled workforce to be able to reach its strategic goals.

We offer impeccable service within and outside the warranty terms for its products.

Key Statistics

  • Health and Safety KPI
    • LTAR: 2,4 (200.000), 12,2 (1.000.000)
  • Employees
    • complete: 110 MA
  • Sales
    • 14.100 TEuros
  • Installations supported in the following countries:
    • Australia, Brazil, Belgium, China, Denmark, England, Germany, France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Sweden, South Africa, South Korea, USA, Vietnam
  • Number of Customers served: 72
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